It is currently almost impossible to get a new clutch for our Opel CIH 1600 to 2.0 engines.
As all previous brand manufacturers have removed the required clutch from their range, the search is becoming a real adventure.
The few remaining stocks are rarely offered and if a new part does turn up, the prices are sometimes very high.

There is still an alternative in the form of reconditioned clutch kits, but there are huge differences in quality here.
Another problem is the age of a reconditioned clutch.
Even with a complete overhaul, many clutch components are still more than 30-40 years old, possibly even 50 years old.
Who can say with certainty that a spring will not break or a crack form after installation?

Due to this problem, we decided to have completely new clutch kits produced.
As no manufacturer with existing production tools could be found for this undertaking, completely new production tools had to be manufactured.
The result is a brand-new clutch set, manufactured on completely new tools in 2024.
Available for immediate delivery at any time and also in terms of quality, this production leaves nothing to be desired.

For this rather complex project, we opted for by far the most requested clutch type.
This is without question the 203mm (8") clutch that is fitted to the 1900 and 2.0 Opel CIH engines.
The clutch is also suitable for 1600 and 1700 engines.

Hochwertige Doppelfeder-Mitnehmerscheibe

So we can supply you with a perfect new clutch kit for your Opel GT, Kadett B / C, Manta / Rekord with the 1600 to 2.0 Triebling, at a very fair price.

Available from approx. February / March 2024 (at an amazingly fair price)